What therapists are saying about Candyce and about DEEP:


My experience in the Enriched Skills Training was refreshing and enlivening, and added more energy to my private practice. I felt very supported by both Candyce and the group. The culture was one of compassion and authenticity, so I was able to experience a level of connection that has felt invaluable.
Jordana Raiskin, LCSW


Wonderful! Brilliant! Powerful! I can’t say enough about Candyce’s DEEP training! DEEP is a clear, concise, well-organized training that demands that we do our own work. It requires us, as therapists, to be authentic, emotionally engaged and vulnerable. Candyce teaches with kindness, an open heart, humility, and wisdom!!
Jennifer Baca, LPC-Intern


The most profound change I have experienced because of our training group is my ability to get closer to my clients’ emotion. Just by naming the implicit, emotion that is heavily guarded becomes far more accessible as clients respond to the resonance. While my natural instinct and impulse was always to go toward emotion and to work relationally, the anxiety it sometimes provoked had me stumbling over my words. My training with Candyce gave me the permission and the tools to use what came naturally to meet my clients exactly where they were emotionally and to be there with them in an explicit way. My clients are visibly impacted by this style of work and seem to be having a far more visceral experience of awareness, connection, and transformation in the room. I highly, highly encourage therapists to attend the training that Candyce offers.
Patricia Carter, LMFT


As a brand new counselor I feel very fortunate to be starting out with such a solid theoretical foundation. This body of work combines cutting edge science with the wisdom gained from much clinical experience. It has provided me with something I didn’t realize was possible – a well-defined map to the territory of the human mind and heart and the skills to navigate it. As I begin to apply what I have learned in the DEEP training and make it my own, I am awed by its power. As Candyce says, “This stuff works!”
Elizabeth Kubala, LPC-Intern


I am very grateful to Candyce for offering this powerful therapeutic tool. DEEP provides a new lens—a way of perceiving and working with the underlying struggles of your client. The approach blends well with other body-based and experiential approaches and bumps them to the next level of effectiveness!
Dianne Fish, LPC


The DEEP training was a beautiful experience as it showed me in mind and body what emotional safety looks like and feels like through the intercession of a trained individual in this method. I have truly achieved levels of joy and understanding in this work that make it so fulfilling and easy to be present in body, mind and heart.
Engracia Gill, LCSW, MBA


I recommend Candyce’s Enriched Skills Training because we are most often asked to be with people who are in emotional distress; knowing how to be with and how to help people with those feelings is critical. This course teaches that knowing.
Patricia Florence, LCSW


DEEP is the most valuable training that I have ever experienced. I learned more useful information, techniques, and tools from DEEP training than I did in nearly the entirety of graduate school. DEEP not only improves therapeutic relationships and outcomes, but it also generalizes to the relationships and ways of being in one’s life.
Carolyn Boasberg, LPC-Intern


Every therapist should take this training. I learned more than I could have possibly imagined I would, and then some. It unleashes each therapist’s innate abilities, and nurtures new skills as well. I was both fascinated by and at ease with the material each passing week. Whether you’re a new or seasoned therapist I highly recommend DEEP training.
Eva Lorini, LPC-Intern


I recommend Candyce’s training because the richness of content and breadth of connection it fosters between Candyce and the group members feels both humbling and profoundly enriching.
Matthew Magruder, LPC-Intern


I would recommend this training for anyone who is looking to enhance their ability to go deep with their clients in a more fulfilling way.
Rachel Lupercio, LMFTA


This training taught me to use my own strengths and vulnerability to gently teach and give clients an experience of safe intimacy. It also provided an experiential foundation for helping clients process their own growth—thus empowering them to integrate these changes into their present-day life experiences.
Margery Segal, LPC, RSMT, IDME, PPNT


The Enriched Skills Training course provides a good foundation, and the videos are a rich source of experience on “how to do it.”
Sue Kullerd, LPC


A master can tell you what he expects of you. A teacher, though, awakens your own expectations.              — Patricia Neal