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We’ll find transformation through working together.

Individual Therapy

Because going at it alone isn’t the answer.


In these 50-minute individual sessions (usually weekly), I’ll help you handle the hurting, untangle your questions, and sort through your emotions. Consider this one-on-one time an intimate exploration, gently finding our way through your feelings and helping you to a place of expansive growth.

The Details:

It isn’t about “fixing” what’s “broken.” It’s about walking with you through the fire and rekindling your flame.

Training, Study Groups, and Consultation
for Therapists

Because learning keeps us growing,
and growing makes our work come alive.

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Human beings of all ages are found to be at their happiest and to be able to deploy their talents to best advantage when they are confident that, standing behind them, there are one or more trusted persons who will come to their aid should difficulties arise.      — John Bowlby