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You are a caring human who became a therapist to help people




You became a therapist because you know that life can be hard (for all of us sometimes), and you want to use your big, wide, open heart to make a difference.

By really being there in the room with your clients.

By offering respectful, nonjudgmental professional skills that help.


You are the kind of therapist who knows that effective, life-changing therapy and illness-based, problem-solving therapy are two very different things.


And I know it too.

I learned about that difference decades ago, as a therapy client.

Climbing my way through traumatic loss.

With help.

Real, raw, unflagging, unflinching help.

Help that changed my life.

Because of the help I received, I entered the counseling profession with a fierce resolve to make sure that as many people as possible receive the kind of fearless and connected therapy that I did. Therapy that helps them access meaning, inner wisdom, and transformational change.


And so I created The DEEP Center for Psychotherapy Training. To support and train therapists like you who care about offering engaged, affirming, life-changing therapy.


Training for therapy that matters.


And therapy that matters is therapy that’s about real connection:


DEEP Center Training classes teach real connection by respecting you:

Respecting your time.

Classes are practical and useful, as well as fun and interesting.

Respecting your intellect.

Classes offer up-to-date, supported, jargon-free explanations of the theory behind the work you’re learning. I won’t ask you to accept anything on faith.

Respecting your need to experience what you’re learning.

Classes include hands-on consultation, discussion, and practice. And I’ll support you to explore any emotions or thoughts that emerge during your experience.

Respecting the vulnerability required to be a true learner when you’re a professional.

I’ve done my own work, so I’m warm, undefended, and approachable, making it safe for you to ask questions, disagree, share your cases, practice new skills, and make connections with your valuable existing skills.

. . .

DEEP training is not about competition.

DEEP training is not about “getting it right.”

. . .

DEEP training is about helping you become your true self as a therapist—the therapist you’ve always wanted to be.

So come on in! Join human-to-human continuing education classes, and become part of a community of therapists who are becoming more and more themselves as professionals…


To glimpse our vocation, we must learn how to be sought out and found by a work as much as we strive to identify it ourselves. We must make ourselves findable by being seen; to do that we must hazard ourselves and make ourselves available to the world we want to enter.           — David Whyte