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 Affordable counseling.

               Individualized attention.

                                   Authentic connection.

The DEEP Center for Counseling is a community of therapists who uphold the profound healing potential of affirming, authentic, emotionally engaged relationships.

Because it’s in the context of warm and healing relationships that your life’s most difficult struggles and questions transform into potent opportunities for learning and change.

Both within our organization and in the counseling we provide, we cultivate the kind of warm, deep connections that invite you into an atmosphere of profound trust and affirmation. That’s why each of our DEEP therapists will work with you in a way that feels safe, genuine, and inspiring.


We’ll meet you in the places where you feel most alone and most stuck.

And we’ll give you deeply individualized support through times of crisis, uncertainty, transition, or sorrow. Through it all, we’ll help you identify and connect to your own internal guiding wisdom to cultivate a resilient, vibrant inner core that endures.


If you’re looking for high quality, affordable counseling, you’ve come to the right place.

Our heartfelt commitment to individualized attention and warm connection assures that you’ll be welcomed with respect and care by any one of our therapists.

To schedule an appointment, you can speak directly to the counselor you feel the most comfortable with. Click here to learn about our therapists and their work.


The wisdom we know deep inside ourselves is infinitely richer than anything we can be taught.      — Elizabeth Andrew