The DEEP Center

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The DEEP Center for Counseling is a group of carefully selected therapists who are dedicated to offering you high quality therapy that’s grounded in the latest research—research that shows that affirming, authentic, emotionally engaged relationships create the most fertile possible healing environment.

We practice an exciting and effective type of therapy that gives you a lived experience of growth and change, within a respectful and nonjudgmental relationship, from the very first moment of counseling.

We’ll help you to expand and to find meaning as we address your concerns.

We build professional skills in a community that is founded on a high degree of mutual respect and acceptance. The affirming support we receive directly translates into our capacity to accept and engage you and your unique journey. We are well-trained; and our community supports us to offer you warm connection—which both modern neuroscience and age-old wisdom show to be the keys to helping you toward the most profound healing and life changes.

Our supervisor, Candyce Ossefort-Russell, created the DEEP Center out of her passion for fostering respectful, life-changing therapy in the world. She learned through firsthand experience as a counseling client the pronounced difference between quality transformational therapy and illness-based, problem-solving therapy:


Candyce entered the counseling profession with a fierce resolve to help more people receive the type of counseling that helps them access meaning, inner wisdom, and transformational change.

With its twin missions of exceptional training and quality counseling, the DEEP Center does just that. For you.


How We Select Our Therapists:

Research in interpersonal neurobiology shows that counselors who can offer the most effective therapy are those who understand and have made meaning of their own internal worlds. In order to practice understanding, curiosity, and empathy–the qualities that are crucial to facilitating change and growth–your therapist needs to be able to feel his own emotions and recognize when his emotions are affected by those of others. She needs to possess the capacity to be deeply connected to you without getting lost in the connection, so that she can continue to be a sturdy guide for you, no matter what. That way, your therapist can be there for you, clearly and skillfully, helping you feel safe and respected. These strengths are critical to the kind of authentic, life-changing work we provide for you at the DEEP Center, and they deeply inform Candyce’s therapist selection process.

Our therapists are counselor interns who have completed graduate degrees in counseling and who are licensed to practice under the mentorship of an approved supervisor (Candyce) while they gain the 3000 hours of internship experience that is required before they can work independently. This level of education and licensure is mandated for all therapists who offer counseling services.

In addition to these traditional requirements, therapists selected by Candyce to work at the DEEP Center are required to possess extra capabilities :

All of our therapists have life experience that has taught them empathy from the inside out. Which means that you can count on them to be there with you. All along the way.

DEEP Center therapists have not only lived through many varied experiences, but they have also done and continue to do their own personal internal exploration and therapy so that they constantly deepen their capacity for mindfulness and their ability to work with intense emotions.

Our counselors have proven themselves to be warm and kind, and capable of reflection, complex thought, and an attitude of curiosity and nonjudgmental acceptance. They have a passion for deep work and an ongoing interest in continued study in professional as well as personal growth.

That means that as a therapy client at the DEEP Center, you’ll be able to count on the fact that your therapist goes the extra mile to cultivate the skills it takes to help you to find your unique way of being in the world.


How Our Community Works for You:

At the DEEP Center, Candyce leads the way in modeling support for each therapist to work from an affirming, nonjudgmental stance. Research in neuroscience has shown that the way we treat each other as therapist colleagues influences the way we treat you, our client.

One of the keys to learning to provide you with transformational, connected therapy is for your therapist to receive and embrace this style of work for him/herself.

In our community-oriented mentoring and training group, we make every effort to be fully present; and we treat each other with respect, even as we find a way to express upsets and differences when they arise. We meet each other and the clients we collaborate about with curiosity rather than judgment, and with an eye toward strengths and meaning rather than pathology and solutions.

By practicing self-understanding, compassion, and empathy with ourselves and each other, we strengthen our ability to wholeheartedly and skillfully bring these qualities to our work with you.


The combination of therapist selectivity and rigorous yet supportive post-graduate training in the leading-edge DEEP style of therapy means that DEEP Center therapists are uniquely qualified to connect with you and help you heal and grow. Take a look at our profiles to see who might be the best fit for your journey.


Healing may not be so much about getting better as about letting go of everything that isn’t you—all of the expectations, all of the beliefs—and becoming who you are. Not a better you, but a realer you.                                       — Rachel Naomi Remen