The DEEP Way of Doing Therapy

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DEEP stands for Dynamic Enriched Experiential Psychotherapy. What this phrase means to you is:

High quality, emotionally-connected therapy,
based on leading-edge science.

DEEP is therapy that gives you a lived experience of growth and change,

within a respectful, nonjudgmental relationship,

from the very first moment of therapy.

In the safety of warm and engaged collaboration with your therapist, you will be invited to recognize strengths and health that already exist in you. Your pain, old ruts, and life difficulties will be met with understanding and kind challenge. And you will receive active help with emotions that might feel potentially overwhelming.


Instead of just talking about problems or feelings,
you will be helped to live out a new,
more engaged way of being,
which causes healing and change to
become deeply wired into the core of your self.

This kind of core change naturally expands
to your relationships in the larger world.


DEEP’s mindful, experiential therapeutic work:

The DEEP way of doing therapy is based on modern neuroscience and historic wisdom traditions that reveal that experiential learning in the context of a safe, engaged relationship is the the most profound generator of healing, change, and meaning.

We’re here to guide you into the experiences that will lead you toward this kind of meaningful growth and transformation.

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When people get into therapy, or when they need healing, their real hope is that they’ll come to the secret frontier in themselves, some unknown source of energy and healing in themselves, where the divinity of who-ness is protected. This is a spiritual quest.                  — John O’Donohue