Therapy for Students in Counseling Programs

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Research in interpersonal neurobiology shows that counselors who are most effective are those who understand and have made meaning of their own internal worlds. In order to practice understanding, compassion, and empathy, you need to be able to feel your own emotions and recognize when your emotions are affected by those of others. You need to possess the capacity to be deeply connected to your clients without getting lost in their inner worlds. That means that:

If you’re a counseling student, it’s crucial that you take part in your own therapy.

But we know it can be difficult for you as a counseling student to access therapy for at least two reasons:

As part of the DEEP Center’s mission to perpetuate effective therapy in the world, Candyce makes sure our therapists are specifically qualified to help you with this counseling student dilemma:

If you’re a graduate student in counseling, explore our therapist listings and see who feels like the safest, most inviting fit for you and your inner explorations.


Mystery resists absolutes. It can hold truth, compassion, and open possibility in relationship.          — Krista Tippett